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[Writeup] Vulpixelize

Description : Can you break it? Initial steps When we open the challenge url we are provided with this : So what the challenge does, is that it launches a docker container (1 per Read more…

[Writeup] Split second

description : Split this shit Initial steps When we first opened the website, we were presented with a static page that shows a GIF but on viewing the source code there was an ajax Read more…

[Writeup] Obey The Rules

The government has released a new set of rules. Do you choose to be among those who follow them blindly or among those who read them first? Flag Path: /home/pwn/flag.txt Author: FeDEX Remote: nc Read more…

[Writeup] Ananas

[Writeup] Ananas Description In an unfortunate turn of events, trupples tried to become a camboy, It didn't turn out so well... Here is what the family firewall recorded... Ananas was a reverse challenge in HackTM Read more…